Service of import and delivery " la navette " :

La navette is an offer reserved for usc-shop customers, this offer allows the import and the delivery of the articles forming part of the catalog of the site that are not in stock.

The delivery mode " la navette " is automatically offered for the items concerned.


La navette is a service offering including the import and delivery of your order. Orders placed via this service are put on hold until the goods are automatically released every thursday.

Once the goods are imported and delivered to the shop, usc shop takes care of shipping orders to the different customer delivery addresses.

Usc-shop handles customs formalities and customs, there is no extra cost!

Frequency of imports and delivery times:

La navette service is scheduled once a week on thursday.

La navette saves orders between Saturday (00:00) and thursday (11:59 pm). The orders recorded during this period are automatically added to the next shuttle (date and time of the order being recorded)

for example :

- an order registered Saturday at 8:00 am will be part of the shuttle the following thursday.

All orders placed after thursday 11:59 pm will be assigned to the shuttle the following thursday.

The delivery time varies according to the day of your order ... count between 5 and 10 days on average for a delivery at home.

Order including other products (excluding la navette offer):

If in your order there are products that are in stock but a product is connected to the offer "shuttle"

The order will be fully processed via "shuttle" (cost and delivery time).

Why choose la navette :

This service offers you many advantages!

- a wider selection of products.

- an order consolidation service that saves on postage

- Interesting prices

- a tariff including import from the United States and a delivery at home.

- no worries of blocking your order by the customs.

- assistance in French if necessary.

- no insurance or customs fees to be added

- a single price regardless of the number of items in your order.

- single payment currency (€)