Terms and conditions seller account

1. Object. The purpose of these general conditions is to define the terms and conditions for sale to GAA-DISTRIBUTION (hereinafter "the depositary) of articles offered by the Seller (hereinafter" the depositor "). The depositor guarantees to GAA-DISTRIBUTION that he has acquired the items offered for purchase on a regular basis, and that he owns them. The depositor remains the owner of the items offered for sale, GAA-DISTRIBUTION takes care of the sale via the various distribution channels available. By accepting these general conditions of use and sale of items on www.gaa-sportscards.com, the depositor guarantees to be a natural person, of full age, acting as an individual, with full legal capacity. These general conditions do not in any way constitute an obligation for GAA-DISTRIBUTION to sell the items sent to it by the depositor, which the depositor expressly acknowledges and accepts. Our team will indeed carry out a meticulous control of the cards to only sell those whose condition corresponds to our charter, a guarantee of the quality of the items offered on the site. The creation of a "seller's account" by the customer implies acceptance of these general conditions, which he acknowledges having read beforehand.

2. Product identification. The depositor will have at his disposal a seller's customer account on the site www.gaa-sportscards.com where all the products he wishes to put on consignment will be grouped together. An identification code will also be assigned to him by email so that he can transfer it to all items for sale that are part of his inventory. Even if the articles are registered on the seller's account of the depositor, this code constitutes a compulsory double security.

3. Entry into force / Duration. These general conditions come into force from the creation of a seller's account on the website, and remain in force until the sale of the last item belonging to the seller. At the end of this period, GAA-DISTRIBUTION will make the request by email to the depositor of its choice regarding the renewal of its contract.

4. Sales process. Anyone wishing to sell cards on the site www.gaa-sportscards.com agrees to follow the following steps: The depositor creates a seller account on the site and prepares his announcements. The depositor only has to package the items he wishes to deposit. After checking the compliance of the announcements, the depositor can send his cards. For shipments whose resale value on the site is less than € 100, the depositor will bear the shipping costs. For shipments with a resale value on the site greater than € 100, the custodian will send the depositor an email containing a pre-filled postal voucher at the custodian's expense. The depositor agrees to print the pre-franked label received by email, to stick it on the box and then to ship it through the carrier concerned. GAA-DISTRIBUTION reserves the right to request a refund of the prepaid label if the package is not shipped. The cards will be carefully checked by the GAA-DISTRIBUTION team, only the cards corresponding to the advertisements created will be retained The depositor is required to report any defects existing on the article in question to the depositary (via the characteristics of the advertisement). Once the package has been processed, the announcements created by the depositor will be activated by the GAA-DISTRIBUTION team.

5. Shipping of cards. The cards must imperatively be deposited in a Mondial relay point or post office, in a package, which the depositor will have taken care to close, and this within one (7) days from the receipt by email of the 'pre-franked label to stick on the package. GAA-DISTRIBUTION will in no way be responsible in the event of loss or theft of the parcel during its shipment by the depositor, only the carrier will assume responsibility.

6. Storage and insurance. The objects entrusted by the depositor will be under the responsibility of the depositary upon receipt and validation of the articles. Any damage, loss, theft or destruction of the items will be covered by the insurance organization. GAA-DISTRIBUTION will insure losses, theft and damage related to the shipment of goods.

7. Accuracy of the data entered When the depositor creates an account, he undertakes to communicate to GAA-DISTRIBUTION exact data and to update them. GAA-DISTRIBUTION cannot be held liable in the event that GAA-DISTRIBUTION breaches its contractual obligations due to incorrect data communicated or not updated.

8. Establishment of selling prices and retained commissions.  The depositor must choose their option for sale. The choice must be made when the customer receives the welcome email indicating their seller code as well as other information to help them in their process.

Bronze option: The depositor manages the listing of his cards and the photos. The sale price of items placed on deposit is determined by the depositor at his sole discretion. The depositor therefore agrees to decide alone the sale price of his items. The sale price (including tax) includes a commission which will be deducted automatically by the depositor when a sale is made. The commission rate is calculated as follows: following: 20% including tax of the displayed price and the corresponding shipping costs to the country or place of sale.

Silver option: The depositor manages the listing of his cards. He entrusts GAA with the illustration of the advertisements. The sale price of the items placed in deposit is determined by the depositor at his sole discretion. This can mandate GAA to rework the prices in order to bring them into line with the market. In this case, the depositor accepts changes to the sale price of his items. The sale price (including tax) includes a commission which will be deducted automatically by the depositor when a sale is made. The commission rate is calculated as follows: 30% including tax of the price displayed and the shipping costs corresponding to the country or location of the sale.

Gold option: GAA manages the card listing and the illustration of the advertisements. The sale price of the items placed on deposit is determined by GAA at its sole discretion. The depositor therefore agrees to let GAA decide alone the selling price of his items. He, however, retains a right to review the prices and can modify them if he wishes. The selling price (including tax) includes a commission which will be deducted automatically. by the depositary when making a sale. The commission rate is calculated as follows: 40% including tax of the price displayed and the shipping costs corresponding to the country or location of the sale.

GAA no longer accepts cards whose price is considered premium. GAA considers that a high value card (over €500) whose price is at least 30% higher than the market price is considered at a premium. A message will be sent to the seller to alert of the problem. A price update will be requested. The seller is free to refuse but in this case GAA reserves the right to refuse the sale and return the item to the seller. The premium can give a bad image to our store and artificially inflate our insurance contract.

As part of its offer on various sales supports GAA-DISTRIBUTION, this reserves the right to offer a higher price in order to cover the costs applied by the platform used. The payment of your sales will be in the form of a retro-commission. GAA-DISTRIBUTION collects the total amount of your sales and we return this amount to you less our commission. The depositor will be able to see the amount that will be due to him when creating his ads in the "sale price" tab.

9 Taxes and levies The consignment offer is only available to individuals. The depositor will assume the taxes and duties on the income of his sales as an individual up to his commission. The depositor certifies that he is informed of the tax obligations in force in his country of residence.GAA-DISTRIBUTION cannot be held responsible for fraud or failure to declare by the depositor to the tax services concerned. GAA-DISTRIBUTION will respond favorably to any request from the tax administration if the latter so requests or if it is legally required to do so. Flat-rate tax on the sale of collectibles: in the context of articles 150 VI to 150 VM of the general tax code, GAA-DISTRIBUTION will automatically make a declaration to the general directorate of public finances for any sale of an amount of € 5,000 or more. GAA-DISTRIBUTION will take care of the CERFA form, the collection and payment of taxes. In this case (and only in this case) we will apply a withholding of 26.5% of the sale price (commission + flat-rate taxes + CRDS).

10. Payment to sellers. Payment for sales is made automatically once a month with a 30-day delay from the sales dates in order to comply with regulations on internet sales. (withdrawal period as well as the period requested by certain online sales platforms for returns) Payments are therefore made every month +1 ex: September sales are paid at the end of October, October sales in November... The depositor must provide a RIB in order to receive their payments. Banking information will be entered in the “my payment method” tab and must be correct. GAA-DISTRIBUTION will not be responsible for any errors regarding the depositor's bank details.

11 Force majeure. GAA-DISTRIBUTION's obligations will be suspended in the event of force majeure, without the depositor being able to engage his responsibility. Are considered as force majeure or fortuitous event, in addition to those usually retained by the jurisprudence of the Courts and Tribunals: total or partial strikes, internal or external to the company, in particular of the postal services, lock-out, bad weather, epidemics, earthquake, fire, storm, flood, water damage, blocking of telecommunications means, blocking of the internet, governmental or legal restrictions, legal or regulatory changes in forms of marketing, and any other case beyond the express will of parties preventing the normal performance of this contract. The depositor acknowledges having knowledge of the characteristics and limits of the Internet, in the event of difficulties in accessing the Website or malfunctions of the Website, GAA-DISTRIBUTION reserves the right to interrupt the services within the framework of operations. of maintenance.

12. Agreement on proof. The depositor acknowledges and accepts that the information contained in GAA-DISTRIBUTION's computer systems have the same probative force as paper documents, particularly with regard to the acceptance of these general conditions. Any dispute relating to these general conditions will be submitted to the competent courts.